Seaweed Extract

Green Rush Nutrients seaweed extract is 100% kelp extract that contains 16% natural potassium and is derived from premium cold-pressed Atlantic kelp. These nutrients are 100% organic and powder based. Application is simple, one shake of the nutrient in water per week is all you need to get the total benefit of this product. 

When applied in small quantities, seaweed extract demonstrate growth­ stimulating activities in a plants life. It has been shown to benefit early germination and establishment, enhance flower production and quality, increase bud size and plant strength, and even boost resistance to environmental and pH stress. The seaweed extract includes macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, cyotkinins, auxins, and numerous others that work synergistically to stimulate growth and production. Finally, seaweed extracts have been associated with an increased resistance to environmental stress. 

The product comes in powder form and is bottled in a salt shaker for easy use. As the extract can be messy if spilled, we added it to a salt shaker to ensure your plants, not your floors, get the benefits!




The nutrients themselves, similar to the grow and bloom product, are very versatile in relation to usage! They can be used as a foliar spray, a water-soluble liquid additive and as a top dress. 

Mix in Water: Add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon (one shake) of nutrient per litre of water, once per week.